Hyperice releases its next-gen Normatec Elite

The Normatec Elite offers a refreshed and intuitive experience with no additional units or hoses.

The Drop: Hyperice, the brand behind the wildly popular Hypervolt massage gun, is releasing the latest iteration in its Normatec line — the Normatec Elite.

The Details: Hyperice’s most advanced device yet

Using dynamic air compression, Hyperice’s Normatec range is designed to help you recover faster, train better, and perform at your peak.

Hyperice Normatec Elite

The Hyperice Normatec Elite has a sleek, fully-integrated design.

What’s Changed? Say goodbye to hoses and separate control units. The Normatec Elite integrates the entire system directly into the boots, with control units conveniently placed on the outer thigh.

Additional features include:

  • Premium brushless pump: Quieter and more efficient operation
  • Extended battery life: Up to 4 hours on a single charge, perfect for extended recovery sessions
  • Lightweight: Each boot weighs just 3.2 lbs, making it the lightest wireless air compression boot available
  • On-the-go charging: Use while charging, so you’re never without recovery support

The Normatec Elite also connects to the Hyperice app, allowing you to personalize your recovery sessions with extended Pro features via Bluetooth. Whether you’re recovering from an intense workout or a long run, you can tailor each session to meet your specific needs.

The background: Normatec was originally developed by Dr. Laura Jacobs and her son, Gilad Jacobs (now Hyperice’s Chief Innovation Officer), to treat lymphedema in breast cancer patients. Using external dynamic compression, it improves circulation, reduces swelling, and accelerates recovery. Recognizing its potential for athletes, Gilad adapted the technology for sports recovery.

Scientific studies have shown benefits of using Normatec include decreases in pain sensitivity and muscle fatigue after exercise.

Who’s it for: The Normatec Elite is designed for everyone from top-level pro athletes to everyday fitness enthusiasts looking to elevate their recovery routines.

With a price tag of $999, the technology doesn’t come cheap and might be beyond budget for many. However, if you have the cash to invest, it could be a game-changer for your recovery — especially if you exercise regularly, or put a lot of miles on your legs.

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Hyperice Normatec Elite

The Normatec Elite is the lightest wireless air compression boot available.

Where to buy

The Normatec Elite is now available to buy on Hyperice’s website priced at $999.

Normatec Elite
The most advanced and fully integrated Normatec device to date.

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