Reviewed: How Hyperice’s Normatec Go transformed my recovery routine

Thoughts after using the Hyperice Normatec Go compression sleeves for five months.

A few years ago, after a grueling half-marathon, I realized my recovery routine was lacking. Post-race, my calves screamed at me for more than a few days, and climbing the stairs to my first-floor apartment felt like summiting a mountain.

I learned the hard way: Recovery needed as much focus as training.

Since then, I’ve tried various methods — yoga, stretching, foam rolling, sauna. While some became habits, I’m always on the lookout for ways to enhance my recovery routines.

So, when I got the chance to test the Hyperice Normatec Go, I jumped at it. With pro athletes praising compression therapy for faster recovery, I was intrigued.

Here are my thoughts after five months of using the Normatec Go sleeves.

Meet your reviewer

Ash Read is the co-founder of Wellworthy. He’s a keen runner, racking up 1,500 kilometers in 2023. He’s completed five half-marathons and plays local rec league basketball and soccer.

What is the Normatec Go?

The Normatec Go offers compression therapy on-the-go. It’s designed to deliver a dynamic air compression massage to the calf muscles to increase circulation while reducing pain and tension in the entire leg.

The Normatec Go’s features include:

  • Seven levels of targeted pressure to the calf
  • Three zones of overlapping gapless 360-degree compression
  • Bluetooth compatibility for connection to the Hyperice App for more customized timing and pressure settings
  • Up to three hours of battery life on a full charge
  • TSA approved for carry-on travel
Hyperice Normatec Go
Normatec Go
Normatec Go delivers mobile dynamic air compression therapy for users on-the-go.

My Normatec Go review: Thoughts after 5+ months

Easy to use
Powerful compression
My legs feel fresh
Requires frequent charging
Quite expensive

They’re easy to use

Getting started with the Normatec Go sleeves was a breeze. There’s no complex setup, and once the sleeves are charged, you’re ready to go in minutes.

Each sleeve has a battery pack attached, and the devices come with two USB-C cables and a wall charger. The battery packs serve as control panels for the sleeves, featuring five LED lights to display power levels and buttons to set a timer, adjust compression levels, and start or stop compression.

Normatec Go Sleeve and Charger

The Go sleeves come with two USB-C cables and a charger.

After unboxing, I charged both sleeves for about an hour until the battery pack LEDs indicated full power. During this time, I downloaded the Hyperice app, which enables hands-free control of the sleeves and other Hyperice products. For those who prefer a more straightforward approach, the sleeves can also be operated directly via the battery pack controls.

Once the sleeves were charged, I connected to the app and started my first session.

The compression is real

The Normatec Go sleeves feature three zones of overlapping, gapless 360-degree compression. Each zone fills with air, tightening around the calf before releasing at regular intervals. They offer seven levels of pressure, with each gradually getting tighter as you level up.

For my first session, I opted for a 15 minutes at level three. Initially, it felt a bit like having my blood pressure taken, but just around my calves. After a few minutes, I settled in, and it started to feel quite nice. Although not exactly relaxing, it did feel soothing for my often-overworked calves.

Normatec Go

The Normatec Go offers seven levels on compression.

That first session wasn’t aimed at recovery — my legs hadn’t had a particularly taxing day, I was just eager to test out the device. The next time I used the Go was after a 5k run. I increased the compression to level six, and it felt incredible on my weary calves. After a 30-minute session, my legs felt revitalized.

My legs feel fresher after use

I use the Normatec Go device after almost every run, basketball game, soccer match and leg day at the gym now and have done pretty much since I first got hold of the device.

Typically, I head out for a run early, and once I’m back and settled at my desk (thankfully, I work from home), I slip on the Normatec Go sleeves for a 30-45 minute session. The sleeves are reasonably quiet, creating a sound similar to a blood pressure cuff — noticeable but not disruptive.

Normatec Go

Wearing the Normatec Go sleeves at my desk after a morning run.

After each session, I’ve noticed a big difference in how my calves feel — less tight, more refreshed, and ready to hit the pavement again the next day without any lingering soreness.

Backed by science — mostly

The benefits I’ve experienced are supported by several studies highlighting how compression therapy can boost circulation, keep flexibility up and muscle tenderness low, and reduce the severity of delayed onset muscle soreness. Additionally, it’s shown to decrease inflammation and oxidation, which are crucial for long-term muscle health.

However, not all studies are unanimously positive. For instance, one study indicated that compression didn’t significantly impact recovery for long-distance runners. Despite this, I trust my own experience, which has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Normatec Go has become a key part of my post-exercise recovery. Even as I ramp up my running mileage and work through my rec league basketball and soccer seasons, I’ve found that my legs continue to feel fresh after using the Go.

The batteries don’t last too long

While each sleeve boasts up to three hours of battery life on a full charge, I’ve found that achieving those full three hours is a bit of a stretch. Typically, I manage a couple of sessions — each lasting between 30 to 45 minutes—before a recharge becomes necessary. When the battery indicator hits two bars, it’s a sign that I need to plug them in soon.

It’s not a major hassle, especially since I keep the chargers handy right next to my desk. However, it can be slightly frustrating to find the sleeves partly drained when I’m about to start a session.

They’re quite expensive

At $399, the Normatec Go sleeves are certainly an investment. But, once you get your hands on the product, you realise you’re paying for quality too — the materials feel durable and after using the sleeves for a quite a few months, it seems like a product that’s built to last.

Are the Normatec Go sleeves worth it?

Absolutely. Whenever I return from any leg-intensive exercise, I reach for the Normatec Go. It’s become an indispensable part of my recovery routine.

After five months of regular use, the sleeves have held up exceptionally well with no signs of wear or decreased performance. The material remains intact, the Velcro still holds strong, and the compression is as effective as when I first used them. They’re also compact — each sleeve measures 25 inches by 12 inches and weighs just 1.2 pounds. I keep them tucked away in a drawer next to my desk when they aren’t in use.

The only real downside to the Normatec Go, for me, is that using the sleeves regularly has made me want to try Hyperice’s full-leg compression boots, the Nomatec Legs 3 ($799).

The Normatec Go sleeves have exceeded my expectations in terms of ease of use, portability, and impact on my recovery. They’ve been a game-changer in my recovery routine, ensuring that I can continue to push myself while avoiding my pitfalls of the past.

Normatec Go Control
Normatec Go
Normatec Go is made specifically for the calf muscles to flush out and rejuvenate your entire lower body.