The products that help this pro runner rack up the miles

Professional trail runner, Dylan Bowman, shares his top product picks.

Dylan Bowman Health Stack

Welcome to Health Stack, a series where founders, operators and experts share their favorite health and wellness products, gear, apps, and routines… 

Dylan Bowman is the Leader and Co-Founder of Freetrail. A lifelong fan of sports media and a longtime professional trail runner, Dylan married those passions with Freetrail in an effort to elevate the content and conversation in the world’s fastest growing outdoor sport. In addition to leading the business and the team, Dylan is also the host of the Freetrail Podcast.

Here’s Dylan to share his Health Stack:

Speedland GS:OAK

“The latest footwear offering from hyper-performance trail brand Speedland is the best yet. As someone who has been competing professionally for 15 years, this is the shoe I’ve always dreamed about. This level of technological innovation is new to the trail category with a removable carbon plate, double BOA fit system, and sticky Michelin rubber outsole. The combination HTPU and Pebax midsoles create best-in-class durability. I squeeze 600+ miles out of every pair.”

Speedland GS:OAK
The GS:OAK is designed to be the ultimate trail equipment for long distances. Its precision fit is paired with maximum comfort and responsiveness.

Garmin Enduro 2

“This watch is ideal in so many ways. First, the battery life is incredible. I did a race in July that took 30hrs and only drained 50% of the battery. The mapping functionality is also amazing. During long summer adventures in the mountains, I’ll upload a route to the watch and have turn-by-turn directions through unfamiliar terrain. Super important for safety and peace of mind.”

Garmin Enduro 2
Enduro 2
Smart watch with solar charging that provides extra-long GPS battery life, plus power-saving positional accuracy and built-in mapping to help you find your way.

Freetrail Community

“The powerful global community that’s emerged from our media and events business acts as the biggest motivational force in my life and training. Trail running is a semi-spiritual though sometimes solitary pursuit. The Freetrail community is an amazing hivemind of information, knowledge, and accountability. I’ve learned so much and developed amazing friendships with so many like minded people around the world.”

Manduka PROLite Long & Wide Yoga Mat

“After listening to a recent How I Built This podcast, I had to buy this product. As an aging pro athlete with a lot of miles on the odometer, I felt the need to invest in a new mat, if only to incentivize myself to spend more time getting properly limber before and after my training sessions. It’s heavy and plush and has the palpable feeling of quality I was expecting after hearing the podcast. Safe to say, I’ve been influenced.”

Long & Wide Yoga Mat
PROLite Long & Wide Yoga Mat
The PROlite Long & Wide’s textured top layer provides a grippy and supportive ride.


“This has been the biggest game changer product for me in 2023. A very interesting new phenomenon, ketone supplementation is the wave of the future for performance on the race course and in the workplace. I use this product everyday for both applications. Steady energy and a deeper well of mental and physical stamina when I’m training and during my long days in the office.”

A High Performance Energy shot without sugar or caffeine.