The brands, products and insights you need to unlock your full potential.

Wellworthy exists to help people discover brands, products, and ideas to make progress toward their health and fitness goals by combining expert-driven guidance with best-in-class products to inspire action.

Our goal is for every audience member to discover something new, be that a new brand or product to try or some expert advice to help them work towards their goals.

Bringing clarity to wellness choices

In a world where 67% of people prioritize well-being but only 12% feel their goals are met, we believe clarity reigns supreme.

Wellworthy brings expert-driven guidance and handpicked products to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement.

Progress powered by discovery

We believe that when you’re equipped with the right tools and knowledge, progress naturally follows. That’s why our mission is uncovering and sharing what you need to make progress, transforming ambitions into reality.

Progress powered by discovery — that’s our commitment.

Meet the team

Wellworthy, co-founded by Anthony and Joe Vennare of Fitt Insider and media founder and content strategist Ash Read.

Wellworthy co-founders

  • Anthony Vennare: An experienced entrepreneur and investor, Anthony brings a fitness and media background to Wellworthy. His routine includes daily walks, pickleball matches, and weight training.
  • Joe Vennare: Joe is a former fitness professional and athlete turned founder and health writer. He’s a fan of hybrid strength/endurance training and any outdoor activity.
  • Ash Read: Ash is a media founder and content strategist with a passion for health and wellness. He enjoys football (soccer), basketball, and running (logging over 1,500+ KMs in 2023).

Our Story

Founded in 2024, Wellworthy started as a simple yet powerful idea: to make wellness accessible, understandable, and actionable for everyone.

Brothers, founders, and investors, Joe and Anthony Vennare have worked together for 15 years building fitness and wellness companies. Despite their experience and industry contacts, trustworthy answers, vetted products, and inspiring insights weren’t all that accessible.

“Time and time again when doing research for Fitt Insider, we see a common theme: More people are prioritizing personal well-being, but few feel like they’re making progress,” says Anthony.

More people are prioritizing personal well-being, but few feel like they’re making progress.
- Anthony Vennare

There’s too much conflicting information and not enough clarity. Wellworthy was founded to change that.

To bring Wellworthy to life, Joe and Anthony partnered with content strategist and fitness enthuisiast, Ash Read. Ash has spent more than a decade creating content online and his work has been featured by Apple, Entrepreneur, Fast Co, and more. He’s also built and sold a media company in another niche.

With Wellworthy, Joe, Anthony and Ash have set out on a mission to simplify a crowded and confusing space, spotlighting vetted experts and best-in-class brands to inspire action.