Chris Mirabile shares his Health Stack focused on increasing healthspan

The NOVOS founder and CEO shares the products he uses to help extend his healthspan.

Welcome to Health Stack, a series where founders, operators and experts share their favorite health and wellness products, gear, apps, and routines…

Chris Mirabile, is CEO and founder of biotech longevity company NOVOS – a provider of science-backed supplements designed to slow and promote healthy aging and extend the human healthspan – had his entire approach to health turned upside down when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 16.

Following his recovery, he committed himself to pushing beyond solely aesthetic wellness goals in search of methods that would truly extend his healthspan, which led to him on a journey to slow his biological age by 13.6 years (37%) – a particularly noteworthy accomplishment for someone who endured the physiological and psychological stresses of a brain tumor.

Here’s Chris to share his Health Stack:


“I put a pinch of Morton’s Lite Salt, which is 50/50 sodium/potassium, in my morning cup of water to help rehydrate after a night of sleep. Post-workout, I may use this, or opt for LMNT electrolytes for a sweet treat. I’m all about simple and accessible methods to hit your nutritional and health goals – this is an easy, affordable way for anyone who likes to sweat to make sure they’re rehydrating appropriately.”

Zero-Sugar Electrolytes
Electrolyte Drink Mix
A drink mix formulated to help anyone with their electrolyte needs.

Omega-3 fish oils

Fish oil supports several major functions, including heart, brain, eye, and immune health. It’s important to look for a fish oil that has a large and balanced ratio of DHA and EPA, while also having a low TOTOX rating (total oxidation of the oils). This product by Nordic Naturals checks off all the boxes.

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega
Nordic Naturals
Ultimate Omega
Fish oil for immunity, brain, and heart support—without the fishy aftertaste.

Hue Smart Light Bulbs

Hue light bulbs allow me to adjust the color, intensity, and degree of the light in my house at various points of the day to impact my circadian rhythm. Turning the color to yellow, then orange, then red as the evening gradually progresses facilitates melatonin production, which greatly benefits my sleep patterns.”

Philips Hue
Philips Hue
Smart Light Bulb
These smart LED bulbs let you bring smart light anywhere in your home. Millions of shades of white and color light.

R.E.D.D. Energy Bar

“A nice blend of plant proteins, fibers, and adaptogenic mushrooms, this bar has a minimal impact on my blood glucose levels with only 2 grams of sugar per serving.”

Redd Bar
Energy Bar
Healthy takes on classic treats. R.E.D.D Energy Bars are made with high-quality, clean ingredients.

Withings Scale

“This device not only measures body fat, but also the pulse wave velocity (PWV) of your arteries, which is a parameter of cardiovascular health and an important component of longevity. Usually restricted to a clinical setting, the Withings Scale gives me a stronger picture of a key metric directly from home, as well as the knowledge to put myself in the best position possible with health habits and lifestyle.”

Withings Body Scan
Body Scan
Body Scan delivers precise weight and segmental body composition.

Oura Ring

“This is useful for tracking my sleep and recovery. I focus on measures like my HRV, shape of my heart rate and lowest heart rate during sleep, my movement during sleep, deep sleep, body temperature, and total calorie burn as an indicator of my activity level.”

The Oura Ring tracks over 20 biometric signals, all from your finger.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal Vanilla Chai

“This vegan protein blend is low in methionine – an amino acid that runs counter to longevity – while high in fiber, fruit and vegetable powders, probiotics and digestive enzymes. I take two scoops post-workout. With 40 grams of protein, I can be confident that I’m supporting my diet with what it needs to account for my activity levels.”

Garden of Life
Garden of Life
Raw Organic Vanilla Chai Powder
Twenty grams of clean protein per serving from 13 raw sprouted ingredients, along with greens, healthy fat, fiber, probiotics, and more.


“Stimulating the vagus nerve transitions the body into a state of relaxation, preparing you for sleep. Carving out ten minutes before bed to use these devices while meditating is a helpful practice for entrepreneurs – or anyone juggling several different responsibilities – and typically helps me fall asleep within minutes.”

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device
The Pulsetto vagus nerve stimulation device helps you relax in under 10 minutes.