16 Running brands you need to know in 2024

Our picks for the best running shoes and apparel brands of 2024.
Left to right: Bandit, Satisfy, Tracksmith

If the scores of runners you see on your daily jaunt or the millions of post-race photos dotting your Instagram feed aren’t evidence enough, running has taken off in the past decade. As the sport has grown, so has the gear space.

Sure, you don’t need fancy equipment to train for your next race, but proper running apparel, shoes, and accessories can be key to feeling good and hitting your next personal best.

So we’ve rounded up the best names in the running business right now.

1. Tracksmith

Tracksmith's Harrier Long Sleeve Running Top

Harrier Long Sleeve Running Top

Our favorite piece: Harrier Long Sleeve, $78
Founded: 2013, New England

With a distinctly retro aesthetic reminiscent of classic 1970s-80s collegiate track meets, Tracksmith was created to celebrate the sport’s distinct culture and support the non-professional but competitive runner. Based in New England, the independent brand’s catalog features color-blocked singlets and long sleeve tops crafted with top-tier materials and fabrics, including odor-resistant Merino wool. Tracksmith is best known for their men’s and women’s (short) shorts, which offer small inseams designed for a greater range of motion.

Shop now at tracksmith.com

2. Satisfy

Satisfy MothTshirt

Moth Tshirt

Our favorite piece: MothTech T-Shirt, $140
Founded: 2015, Paris

Creativity is core to Parisian-based Satisfy’s brand ethos, which merges streetwear with sweat. The traditional technical fitness look is absent in Satisfy’s running gear, but don’t let that fool you. Their famed “moth-eaten” men’s tops are engineered with holes that facilitate better ventilation, while other statement pieces are designed with luxury materials for a durable, breathable, and soft fit. It’s evident that founder Brice Partouche has a background in fashion. Satisfy often uses the same suppliers as luxury fashion houses and has introduced a variety of stylish collaborations with top-notch brands, including Crocs and Oakley.

Shop now at satisfyrunning.com

3. Bandit

Bandit Lite Run Quarter Socks

Lite Run Quarter Socks

Our favorite piece: Lite Run Quarter Socks, $36
Founded: 2020, New York City

There’s no question that Bandit was founded by members of a New York City-based running group. From its running tops to shorts to bestselling socks, the independent brand blends minimalism with an edgy and gritty feel reminiscent of the city’s underground running scene. In a true show of community, Bandit’s breathable, performance-forward gear is tested by local runners who give critical feedback on prototypes (namely: more pockets, please!). Bandit goes beyond its products, throwing parties for runners, hosting races, and making club kits for runners across New York City.

Shop now at banditrunning.com

4. District Vision

District Vision Junya Racer Black

Junya Racer Black

Our favorite piece: Junya Racer Black, $295
Founded: 2015, Los Angeles

Created by two fashion industry veterans in 2015, District Vision set out to unite sports and mindfulness. The result? Futuristic, tech-forward eyewear with hand-sculpted lenses. District Vision’s shatterproof, zero bounce shades are engineered in Japan with the purpose of reducing strain on the eye caused by physical exertion. The strain reduction allows the muscles in the eye to relax — and thus, runners can meet their full potential in a more relaxed state. Beyond the frames, District Vision offers outerwear, compression-lined shorts, and running tees in bright, bold colors.

Shop now at districtvision.com

5. Praise Endurance

Praise Endurance's Diablo Shorts

Diablo Shorts

Our favorite piece: Diablo Shorts, $97
Founded: 2016, Montreal

Style meets substance meets inclusion at Montreal-based Praise Endurance. Bucking the trend of brands designing exclusively for experienced runners, Praise Endurance brings the technical aspects of running apparel into a line of casual, aesthetic gear in a more accessible approach. Praise Endurance’s rotating collections of shorts, pants, and shirts aim to tell stories about running while creating pieces that can be taken off the road, track, or trail.

Shop now at praiseendurance.com

6. Soar

Soar Race Vest

Soar Race Vest

Our favorite piece: Race Vest, $110
Founded: 2015, Hackney, London

Find your need for speed at Soar. Created by Tim Soar in Hackney, London, the high-end boutique brand focuses on boosting performance through cutting-edge fabrics, smart design technology, and sports science studies, and real runner stories and needs. The brand’s best-selling race vests are made from lightweight, sweat-wicking recycled fabrics, while base layers combine Merino wool and silk for comfort and warmth. Soar’s gear is easily recognizable with loud and colorful patterns, so you can stand out as you speed past.

Shop now at soarrunning.com

7. Topo Athletic

Topo Athletic Atmos shoes

Atmos Running Shoes

Our favorite piece: Atmos, $160
Founded: 2013, Massachusetts

After former D1 track and cross country runner Tony Post worked in the shoe industry for nearly three decades, he identified a gap in the market: a shoe that allowed runners to access the benefits of natural, barefoot running, while retaining some of their favorite features found in classic running shoes. Topo Athletic was born out of the desire to establish a better connection between the ground and your feet. The brand’s shoes are known for wide toe boxes, little to no drop, and conservative cushioning. You may even forget you’re wearing them.

Shop now at topoathletic.com

8. Janji

7/8 Pace Tight

Janji 7/8 Pace Tight

Our favorite piece: 7/8 Pace Tight, $104
Founded: 2012, Boston

Sustainability, connection, and social consciousness form the backbone of Janji, the colorful Boston-based running brand. Janji recognizes running is a worldwide movement (so much so that their tagline is “Run Everywhere”) and aims to give back to the world. Each of the brand’s seasonal collections celebrate a different part of the world in collaboration with a local artist — and a portion of the brand’s proceeds go directly to a local water NPO to help fight global water scarcity. Janji’s products are crafted with sustainability and waste reduction in mind too, with a heavy focus on responsible, durable designs made to last.

Shop now at janji.com

9. Atreyu

Atreyu Base Model

Atreyu Base Model

Our favorite piece: Base Model v2, $59.50
Founded: 2020, Austin

High performance meets minimal design at Atreyu, an up-and-coming Austin-based independent running shoe brand. It’s clear that Atreyu’s founder was inspired by Bauhaus designers and NASA. The brand prioritizes clean designs with intentional purposes.The brand’s signature Base Model is a stripped down, no frills pair of unisex kicks with a middle ground drop for both new and elite runners. The simple — but effective — shoe was designed to be a tool in every runner’s rotation.

Shop now at atreyu.com

10. On Running

On Running Cloud 5

On Running Cloud 5

Our favorite piece: Cloud 5, $140
Founded: 2010, Zurich

On Running’s distinct, cloud-like sneakers aren’t just stylish — they’re scientifically designed for performance. Founded by a retired athlete, the Swiss brand’s offerings focus on technological innovation as it employs a world-class team of scientists and technicians at the Zurich-based On Lab. The brand’s popular CloudTec soles are engineered to emulate the feeling of running of clouds — cushioned landings and powerful takeoffs. This also translates into less muscle fatigue and a lower heart rate. On Running’s signature shoes are complemented by a line of ultra-lightweight running apparel for an agile experience.

Shop now at on-running.com

11. Hoka

Hoka Clifton 9

Hoka Clifton 9

Our favorite piece: Clifton 9, $145
Founded: 2009, France

Founders Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard brought the Maori word “Hoka” — meaning “to fly over the earth” — to life with their heavily cushioned running footwear. Offered in a variety of bold colors, Hoka’s distinctive thick-soled, yet lightweight running shoes are designed to absorb shocks for soft, joint-friendly landings. Each pair’s “rocker” midsole is designed to propel runner forward comfortably. Hoka now offers companion kicks for cross-training days, with shoes created for the gym and trail too.

Shop now at hoka.com

12. SaySky

SaySky Pace Shorts

SaySky Pace Shorts

Our favorite piece: Pace Shorts, $77
Founded: 2013, Copenhagen

Sport Scandinavian style with Saysky. The high performance urban running brand was launched in 2013 in Copenhagen by a windsurfer who kicked off his foray into running with a desire to mix technical needs with metropolitan, laidback fashion. Saysky’s regular gear drops feature minimalist, quick-drying T-shirts, shorts, and singlets with an edgy grit and sustainable twist. Trendy color is core to the brand for a standout look.

Shop now at saysky.us

13. Territory Run Co

All Day Hoodie

All Day Hoodie

Our favorite piece: All Day Hoodie, $75
Founded: 2014, Portland

Wild nature and fresh air fueled Brett Farrell’s vision behind Portland-based Territory Run Co. The trail running brand was created to capture the feeling of running on muddy trails with friends as you leave the noise of city life behind. Territory Run Co.’s products embody trail running culture, evident in its range of functional running caps, rainproof stashes, and headwraps. The brand’s collection also includes limited-edition hoodies, t-shirts, running pants, and water bottles.

Shop now at territoryrun.co

14. Miler Running

Work Running Short

Work Running Short

Our favorite piece: Work Running Short, $130
Founded: 2019, New York City

The quiet luxury trend has officially hit the running scene with Miler Running. Designed and manufactured in New York City with high-quality fabrics sourced from European and Japanese mills, Miler’s apparel is sleek and straightforward with zero bold logos or bright colors in sight. The minimalist brand emphasizes the latest technology and construction techniques for premium technical tops and bottoms. The brand is known for their shorts for good reason — so many pockets in all the right places.

Shop now at milerrunning.com

15. Njord

The Kaffe Singlet

The Kaffe Singlet

Our favorite piece: Kaffe Singlet, $55
Founded: 2020, Houston

Njord is focused on connection, community, and quality — all inspired by the founder’s Scandinavian and Taiwanese heritages. Initially founded as a Houston run crew that brought runners together to aid underserved communities, this indie brand has a small catalog of products, including tanks and shorts, with contemporary, functional designs. In the theme of sustainability, designs are meant to last. Njord produces in limited quantities to avoid leftover waste and donates a portion of all proceeds to non-profit partners.

Shop now at njordrunning.com

16. Ciele

GOCap - Century - Inidad

Ciele GOCap

Our favorite piece: GOCap – Century, $45
Founded: 2014, Montreal

Accessories aren’t just for visual appeal in running. Canadian-based B Corp Ciele’s soft brim run caps offer both protection and performance. These popular, machine-washable hats not only keep your hair, the sun, and the rain out of your face, they are designed with fabric that keeps things cool and are enhanced with reflective coatings for early morning and evening jogs. And, while they serve a purpose, Ciele’s caps also serve a cool factor with modern, color-blocked designs. The brand is expanding outside of headwear these days, offering performance run apparel like shorts, singlets, and tights.

Shop now at cieleathletics.com

The Originals

Our roundup of running brands features the new kids on the block, but we couldn’t leave without mentioning some of the classic, household names in the running space too.

  • Nike: Born out of the Pacific Northwest and adorned with the iconic swoosh, Nike running gear is outfitted with technical, sweat-wicking details and bold color blocks.
  • adidas: adidas has footwear fit for every runner with cushioned options, race-ready lightweight pairs, and grippy trail companions.
  • New Balance: One of the original Boston-based running brands, New Balance combines classic silhouettes with ultra-cushy Fresh Foam for kicks made for daily miles.
  • Asics: Asics running shoes feature Gel cushioning technology, which absorb shock during your stride for a comfortable run.
  • Salomon: Salomon may as well be synonymous with trail running (though road runners love them too!), offering up trail shoes, running vests, and waterproof apparel.
  • Saucony: Saucony’s flair for retro styles is seen throughout its sneaker line, which features a range of drop options for runners of all kind.
  • Brooks: With a long history, Brooks took on the running scene in full in 2001, specializing in footwear with a tech twist.
  • Puma: Dress up or down — Puma has gear options that transition between run and casual post-run festivities.

How to choose the right brand for you

So, how do you know what’s best when there’s dozens of diverse running brands stacking shelves now?

First, look at the materials. Sweat-wicking fabrics can prevent chafing and rashes — and the dreaded heavy shirt feeling that can weigh you down on a long or hot run. Meanwhile, compressive shorts and leggings can guard against sweat buildup and increase comfort along the way.

Second, identify your needs. Do you step out in the early morning or evening? Opting for apparel and accessories with reflective details may be key for you. Are you in a sunny spot? Cap off your jog with a protective hat and sunnies. Is it a chilly season? Seek out materials like Merino wool that keep you warm without overheating you or soaking you down with sweat. Are you aiming for a PR? Lightweight tanks and shorts are the way to go.

Finally, flex your own style. When you look good, you feel good. That may be the mental boost you need to push through your next mile.