How Magic Mind’s CEO stays at the top of his game: William Hicks’ Health Stack

William Hicks, Co-founder and CEO of Magic Mind, shares his favorite health and wellness products.

William Hicks Health Stack

Welcome to Health Stack, a series where founders, operators and experts share their favorite health and wellness products, gear, apps, and routines… 

William Hicks is the Co-founder and CEO of Magic Mind, a beverage company creating products that unlock mental performance and flow-state for customers daily.

William graduated cum laude from Princeton and started his career in investment banking with Barclays before following his passion for team-building and creating products that nourish mind, body, and soul.

Here’s William to share his Health Stack:

Eight Sleep Pod Cover

“I finally invested in the Eight Sleep Pod Cover recently after using a cheaper, early-generation alternative. The smart stages of cooling/warming throughout the night have been a game changer for me. The vibration wake-up alarm, in combination with a high heat setting, is especially effective at making me wake up actually feeling awake (I’m NOT a morning person).”

Eight Sleep Pod
Eight Sleep
Pod Cover
The Pod automatically cools or warms your bed based on your body and environment, for perfect sleep, every night.

Ice Barrel 300

“My wife got me this cold plunge for Christmas, and I love the simplicity of it. If I’m being honest with myself, I need to do a better job of using it, but whenever I do, I feel amazing. I like this one because it looks good in our backyard compared to the other non-refrigerated models of cold plunges.”

Ice Barrel 300
Ice Barrel
Ice Barrel 300
Fully insulated cold therapy tool that makes it easy to bring ice baths to your routine.

Magic Mind

“My secret weapon for mental performance. I drink Magic Mind every day after my morning cup of coffee to get dialed in for whatever the day brings me. Whether it’s a Monday and I need the stamina to be on six back-to-back calls, a ‘no-meeting’ Wednesday (my favorite day of the week) and I want to lock into flow-state to knock out deep work, or even a Saturday and I want extra presence with my wife as we walk through our neighborhood, Magic Mind delivers the mental sharpness and sustainable energy for me to be my best self.”

Magic Mind 15 pack
Magic Mind
Starter Kit
15 bottles of Magic Mind’s productivity formulation.

SideDish Sauces

“I’ve been trying to eliminate products with seed oils from our house, and SideDish’s sauces and dressings have been an amazing tool in that effort. They’re great in salads, but my favorite use cases are: 1) Using them in recipes, either as a marinade or a simmer sauce (Creamy Sesame on Salmon is 🔥), and 2) Replacing indulgent delights, like Chick-fil-A sauces, with Honey Dijon when we splurge on fries and nuggets.”

SideDish Sauces
Best Sellers 3-Pack
The three original SideDish flavors: Chipotle Ranch, Creamy Sesame, and Honey Dijon.

Ka’Chava Shakes

“I’ve returned to the office in the last few months, and it’s harder to do real meal prep in the office kitchen. Ka’Chava has been my easy button for getting healthy nutrition very quickly in the office. I blend it up with some added protein powder, and it serves as a light but filling lunch.”

Ka’chava Shakes
Ka'Chava Shakes
All-In-One Nutrition Shake
A balanced, all-in-one superblend of nutrients for your whole body.

BRAMI Lupini Pasta

“For a quick, healthy meal, it’s hard to beat the lupini pasta from BRAMI. Throwing some bolognese on top of al dente lupini pasta, and you have yourself a very filling, high-protein meal that takes less than 15 minutes.”

Brami Pasta
Lupini Pasta
Made with two simple ingredients: semolina wheat and lupini beans.