Dan Giuliani and Trevor Watkins of Volt Athletics share their Health Stacks

Volt Athletics' founders share their contrasting approaches to health and wellness.

In the fast-paced world of fitness technology, the two founders of Volt Athletics stand at opposite ends of the spectrum, with contrasting ideologies in their approach to health and wellness.

Dan Giuliani champions a cutting-edge approach, embracing high-tech gadgets such as the Oura Ring and Garmin Fenix 6 smartwatch to optimize his performance.

On the other hand, Trevor Watkins, advocates for a back-to-basics ethos, relying on simplicity and affordability to maintain his fitness levels. His toolkit includes straightforward tools like the soccer cleats, and local sprint workouts on a turf field.

Let’s dive into Dan and Trevor’s Health Stacks:

Dan Giuliani and Trevor Watkins

Dan Giuliani (left) and Trevor Watkins, co-founders of Volt.

Dan Giuliani, Co-Founder and CEO, Volt Athletics

“My health stack has a heavy emphasis on biometric tracking, mindfulness, and mental health, which has mirrored a similar focus on those elements in my life over the last few years,” says Dan.


“I love the form factor of the Oura Ring because it allows for passive tracking and no distraction. There’s magic in a screen-less device that delivers accurate sleep and activity tracking without requiring user interaction. I’ve been a fan of Oura for years.”

The Oura Ring tracks over 20 biometric signals, all from your finger.

Garmin Fenix 6

“The Garmin Fenix 6 is my smartwatch of choice because it actually could be brighter. I’ve tried the various watches that try to be everything on your wrist. I don’t want everything on my wrist, so the Garmin Fenix is a great solution. It leans heavily into detailed training and analysis, has an excellent chunky, indestructible design, and doesn’t ping me whenever I receive a text or email.”

Garmin Fenix 6
Fenix 6
Fenix 6 is a multisport GPS watch that brings cutting-edge design and performance to your fast-paced lifestyle.


Daylio App

“Dedicating time to lightweight journalling is a big part of my quest for increased life balance. Long-form journaling isn’t my jam, so Daylio’s icon-based approach to logging my day works well. The app creates weekly, monthly, and annual visuals to see how you’ve been doing.”

Waking Up

Waking Up app

“I’ve tried many meditation apps, but Waking Up is my favorite for general mindfulness. Waking Up takes a philosophical approach to exploring consciousness and existence, delivering a more meaningful meditation experience, which I love.”


Nerva App

“Anyone else out there have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? Probably not a condition you’re super excited to talk about. Well, I have struggled with IBS for years and have found Nerva to be a big help in alleviating the symptoms. One of the cool things about the body and mind connection is that you can control and manage physical symptoms with mental training. I’d recommend Nerva to anyone struggling with IBS or other gastrointestinal conditions.”


ZAMA | Athletic Mental Fitness

ZAMA is the first mental wellbeing app explicitly targeted to athletes and other performance-minded folks. A lot of mental strain generally goes unaccounted for and untreated in athletics. If you’re an athlete (or used to be), you know what I’m talking about. ZAMA brings critical mental wellbeing resources directly to athletes to help address these issues. Current access is only through gyms and collegiate athletic departments. Still, it is rapidly expanding and worth keeping an eye on.”


Volt Athletics

Volt creates and delivers personalized training plans to athletes and sports teams worldwide. I’m biased, but Volt stands in a class of its own regarding the quality of training guidance and dynamic, AI-powered hyper-personalization. Volt’s for you if you like training and want to level up your programming.”

Trevor Watkins, Co-Founder and COO, Volt Athletics

“I keep all aspects of my life as simple and balanced as possible. Below are some easy, inexpensive ways I’ve found to maintain the level of fitness and health that I built up in my younger, pre-parent years,” explains Trevor.

Here’s Trevor to share his Health Stack:

Volt Athletics

“The workouts are fun, and as an ex-athlete, I like the feeling of training like an athlete. They are also so effective I only need one per week to maintain my fitness level.”

The workouts are fun, and as an ex-athlete, I like the feeling of training like an athlete.
Trevor Watkins

Local turf field for sprint workouts

“One sprint workout per week is the most efficient way to stay fit and maintain muscle mass as I age (I turn 40 this year). I also find it more enjoyable than steady-state cardio, and again, I’m training like an athlete. [I wear] soccer cleats for field sprints — these make them more fun and effective.”


“I do overhead carries, front rack carries, and suitcase carries. Carries are low-impact and great for longevity. I’ve incorporated them into my field workouts.”

Hex bar for deadlifts

“At my age, it’s the only lift I feel comfortable loading up heavy anymore, and we just got one for home.”

Heavy cream

“Coffee has replaced my breakfast, and heavy cream doesn’t spike insulin levels. Hence, it’s an easy way to achieve an intermittent fasting state with little effort.”

LMNT hydration packets

“This yummy “hot chocolate” drink replaces my second-morning coffee (cutting down on caffeine for better sleep), and I add a splash of heavy cream.”

LMNT Chocolate
Zero-Sugar Electrolytes
Rich and subtly salty, Chocolate Salt is works in cold smoothies and as a hot cocoa nightcap.

About Volt: The Volt platform helps people safely reach their health, fitness, and performance goals through AI-powered, personalized workout plans delivered through a world-class mobile app. By combining decades of research and sports science with cutting-edge technology, Volt enables everyone to easily access customized training programs that evolve and adapt over time to maximize results. Volt is trusted by over 1.8 million coaches, athletes, firefighters, soldiers, and everyday people in over 150 countries.