Harness the power of superfoods and adaptogens with Kimberly Snyder’s new Glowing Greens Powder

Solluna’s Glowing Greens Powder features seven of nature’s most powerful organic plant-based foods.

The Drop: Solluna, a holistic lifestyle brand founded by 3x NYT bestselling author Kimberly Snyder, launched a new greens powder.

The Details: Carefully crafted and all-organic

The formulation is a blend of seven plants, combined in their ideal amounts to nourish beauty, vitality, and overall well-being.

Solluna Greens Powder

Glowing Greens Powder is made in small batches from all-organic ingredients.

Unlike many greens powders that have a laundry list of ingredients, Solluna’s Glowing Greens Powder is crafted in small batches with a carefully curated selection of all-organic ingredients:

  1. Amalaki: Known as the “fountain of youth,” this adaptogenic berry from India rejuvenates skin and promotes longevity
  2. Ashitaba: Supports cellular health and youthfulness with beta carotene, vitamins K and E, and trace minerals
  3. Cordyceps: Amplifies energy, vitality, and endurance
  4. Moringa: Protects cells from damage and reduces inflammation
  5. Spirulina: Enhances immune function and reduces inflammation with essential amino acids, iron, and vitamin A
  6. Monk Fruit: Provides anti-inflammatory properties and enhances digestion
  7. Chlorella: Boosts energy, cleansing, and vitality with plant-based vitamin B12 and vitamin A

About the brand

From dietary supplements and medicinal powders to skincare and digital wellness courses, Solluna supports individuals on their journey to living their best lives.

Solluna Glowing Greens Powder

Solluna’s Glowing Greens Powder features nutrient-rich superfoods and powerful adaptogens.

Kimberly Snyder, the brand’s founder, is a holistic wellness expert, spiritual and meditation teacher, international speaker, and nutritionist. She has helped numerous celebrities, including Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, and Channing Tatum, achieve their wellness goals. Kimberly also hosts the popular Feel Good Podcast.

Where to buy

The Glowing Greens Powder is now available on Solluna’s website. Each batch is crafted with care to ensure optimal potency and quality. It’s priced at $55 for a 30-day supply.

Glowing Greens Powder
A total of 7 carefully chosen ingredients in beneficial amounts, designed to deeply nourish your vitality, beauty, and health.