Demystifying adaptogens with Shizu Okusa

Okay so, what exactly is an adaptogen?

Shizu Okusa ditched Wall Street for a more balanced lifestyle, centered on herbalism and her Japanese roots.

Going all in, she founded Apothékary, a wellness brand offering plant-powered herbs and tinctures as natural remedies, to address the root cause of many health issues.

We recently chatted with Shizu to cut through the noise of the adaptogen market.

Shizu Okusa

Shizu Okusa is founder and CEO of Apothékary

Adaptogens 101

Okay so, what exactly is an adaptogen? Shizu says they are essentially a class of herbs “that help to adapt to your stress levels.” Ashwagandha is one of the most common adaptogens on the market right now, along with Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Ginseng.

What’s a simple way someone could adopt adaptogens into their lifestyle? Shizu recommends adding them to existing diets and routines, like putting some in your protein shake, smoothie, or morning coffee. You can even use a tincture to put adaptogens right under your tongue or in your water. “The easiest thing is not having to create a new habit.”

A common myth or misconception: It comes down to knowing which products actually contain adaptogens.

“I think some people have tried to just commercialize the crap out of every plant there is. And by saying it’s an adaptogen, you almost get a higher price point. So I would just be very, very thoughtful and conscious about exactly where you’re buying it and making sure you’re getting the proper education around what is an adaptogen.”

Go deeper: Learn more about adapotgens with Shizu below…