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Jeff Byers’ Health Stack: How the Momentous CEO and ex-NFL player optimizes for long-term health

The products Jeff Byers uses every day.

Jeff Byers is co-founder and CEO of Momentous — a sports nutrition and dietary supplements brand.

Before Momentous, Jeff spent four years in the NFL and still keeps strict workout and recovery routines. Transitioning from athlete to entrepreneur, he prioritizes brain health to guard against the lasting effects of high-impact collisions.

Now, he relies on quality sleep, physical activity, and a curated supplement protocol to support cognitive function.

Here’s Jeff to share his Health Stack:

My go-to supplements

“Things I don’t miss are Omega-3s and creatine. I’m also pretty regular with protein — both in my diet and supplements. Omega-3s and creatine are really core to me in terms of long-term brian health — they’re low cost, there’s really good data behind them, and have big benefits.”

Momentous Omega-3
Momentous' Omega-3 delivers 1600mg combined EPA and DHA in a 1:1 ratio without the fishy aftertaste.

My zone 2 training gear

“We evolved to move, carry things, and train in zone 2. And [when it comes to zone 2 training], I love rucking. I work at a treadmill desk, and whenever I can, I’m walking with a ruck pack on. GORUCK makes absolutely the best gear in the world.”

Each GR1 is built to last and comes with GORUCK's Scars Lifetime Guarantee.

“As an ex-pro athlete, I used to have tons of shoes given to me—I’ve worn almost every shoe imaginable. But GORUCK has built the best trainer ever. I know the team at GORUCK, and they’d send me pairs for free, but they’re so good I always buy them.”

Ballistic Shoe
Ballistic Trainers
Functional fitness shoes designed with support for all three of your arches.

My favorite protein snack

“Maui Nui Venison is the most nutrient-rich and protein-dense red meat that’s ever been tested. It’s really lean and incredibly healthy. Maui Nui also has a huge focus on their mission and vision for impacting the world—they donate a lot to feed communities in need and do significant work to balance the Hawaiian ecosystem.”

Maui Nui
Maui Nui
All Natural Venison Jerky
Hardwood smoked venison stick, made with a hint of brown sugar. Each stick has 9 grams of protein and only 60 calories.

My cold-therapy must-have

“It’s something I wish I did more of. We’re at the end of winter here in Park City, and when it’s three degrees outside, it’s hard to push yourself out at 7am to sit in 39-degree water. But I love what it does for me. It’s such a natural high, and I find I drink less caffeine [after a session]. It’s a really incredible way to start a day. They’ve now launched a new sauna that I can’t wait to get too.”

The Plunge
The Plunge
The Plunge cold plunge tub uses powerful cooling, filtration, and sanitation to give you perfectly chilled, clean water whenever you want it—no ice needed.

The product I’ve gifted the most

“I’ve tried so many protein shakers—the PROMiXX Shaker Bottle is the best. It’s beautifully built and designed. Plus, it doesn’t have a ball in it that rattles around all the time. Now, anyone I give some Momentous Protein to, I also give the PROMiXX. I love it so much.”

Promixx Shaker Bottle
A smooth shake every time, without an annoying rattling ball.

Where I find motivation

“On the Founders Podcast, host David Senra breaks down some of the greatest founders and humans in history. Listen at 1.5x speed, and you can get through it in an hour. Hearing about the relentless effort and passion of these founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and game-changers is so incredible.”