Stefan Olander’s health and fitness must-haves

The OMORPHO founder shares his go-to products.

In our Health Stack series, Wellworthy taps into its network of health and fitness experts to offer personal insights and recommendations.

Stefan Olander, co-founder and CEO of OMORPHO, a weighted training apparel company. Before founding OMORPHO, he spent over 20 years at Nike, culminating in his role as vice president of global digital innovation.

Stefan was inspired to launch OMORPHO to help support his active lifestyle, both at home and on the road. “I created OMORPHO to simplify the pursuit of a fit life and I feel the below fitness and wellness products have helped me do just that,” he says.

Stefan Olander

Here’s Stefan to share his Health Stack.

How I recover: Hyperice and iReliev

Hyperice Normatec

“Now, more than ever, I consider my recovery to be equally as important as my training regime. I use the Hyperice Normatec following heavy leg workouts, such as a tennis match or following one of the many amazing yet strenuous hikes in and around greater Portland, OR.”

Hyperice Normatec 3 Legs
Normatec 3
Normatec uses dynamic air compression to advance your wellness, recover faster, and improve your training.

iReliev Therapeutic Wearable System

“As a competitive tennis player and overall active individual, I find iReliev to help with pain and release of muscle tension. Their Therapeutic Wearable System is easy to use and easily to travel with, not to mention it aids in my recovery following workouts and on court activities.”

Therapeutic Wearable System
Muscle and joint pain relief, in a convenient system.

My go-to supplement: Creatine

“I was turned on to Momentous since they employ many of the same values as OMORPHO. They encourage a healthy lifestyle and I use a number of their products, including creatine. I find it provides me with added energy and allows me to continue to create muscle mass as I age.”

Momentous Creatine
Sourced from Creapure®, the purest form of creatine monohydrate available and the gold standard of creatine.

How I track everything: Oura Ring

“I often find myself working late and waking early. More and more though I’m realizing the importance sleep can have on productivity and have used Oura Ring to track my sleep, analyze my data and improve my energy and alertness throughout the day. I firmly believe that greater quality sleep allows me to be more productive in my daily routine.”

The Oura Ring tracks over 20 biometric signals, all from your finger.

How I get stronger with OMORPHO

G-Vest Sport

“The G-Vest Sport utilizes MicroLoad to improve athletic performance, weighs 6 lbs and is the most versatile and comfortable weighted vest in the world. As mentioned, I’m an avid tennis player and wear my G-Vest Sport on the court throughout my practice session. I also use it during my morning runs and even wear it when doing plyometric training. The added weight improves my training and when I take it off I feel like can fly around the tennis court.”

G-Vest Sport
G-Vest Sport adds light resistance, without limiting natural sport movement.

G-Short 2-in-1

“This is one of my go-to fitness products and probably the one I wear most often. The OMORPHO G-Short 2-in-1 weighs about 2lbs, roughly 1lbs on each leg, but this small amount of weight has had a big impact on my overall fitness. After 30-40 minutes of any activity, tennis, hiking, running, I start to notice my body working harder. It’s no coincidence that my fitness levels have significantly improved since I began wearing OMORPHO on a regular basis.”

G-Short 2‑In‑1
G-Short 2-in-1
These weighted shorts from OMORPHO use an inner layer designed with targeted MicroLoad.