First Look: Nike x Hyperice high-tech recovery gear

Upgrading warm-ups and cool-downs.

The Drop: Nike and Hyperice are joining forces to take warmup and recovery to the next level with new wearable tech: the Nike x Hyperice Boot and Vest.

The Details: Cutting-edge warmup and recovery gear

Nike x Hyperice Boot and Vest

The Nike x Hyperice boots and vest.

Nike’s expertise in footwear and apparel meets Hyperice’s recovery technology to help athletes perform at their peak during training and competition, and to ease everyday strain.

“The footwear and vest we’ve developed with Hyperice help get the body ready for activity, whether you’re playing for a title or on your feet a lot at work,” says Tobie Hatfield, Senior Director, Nike Athlete Innovation.

The Nike x Hyperice boot integrates HyperHeat™ technology from the Venom line with Normatec’s air compression massage, delivering heat and dynamic compression to the feet and ankles. This combination is designed to drive heat deep into the muscle and tissue in the foot and ankle, helping athletes move, perform and recover naturally much faster.


The boot integrates Hyperice’s HyperHeat™ and Normatec technology.

The boot offers three levels of compression and heat, powered by a battery pack in each shoe’s insole. The left and right boots can also be controlled individually.

The heat and compression can be controlled with the press of a button.

Multiple Olympic gold medalist Eliud Kipchoge has made the boots a staple in his marathon training. “When using [the boots] before a warm-up for a fartlek or hill session, it makes my legs feel light during the workout,” Kipchoge says, adding that the boots have also become crucial for post-run recovery.

The Nike x Hyperice vest offers instant heating and cooling without needing ice or liquid. Using the same tech as Hyperice X, athletes can regulate their body temperature precisely during warmups and cooldowns.

Nike x Hyperice HyperLayer

The vest contains thermal modules that autonomously monitor and maintain body temperature.

The vest has thermal modules with sensors that monitor and maintain body temperature. An air bladder and pressure sensor adjust to your body, enhancing comfort and maximizing the heating and cooling technology’s effectiveness.

From the moment I tried the Nike x Hyperice boots... I knew they were going to change the game for athletes’ warm-up and recovery.
LeBron James

NBA star LeBron James, an early adopter of the Nike x Hyperice boots and vest, has prioritized taking care of his body throughout his career. This dedication has helped him stay at the top of the game for over 21 years. “From the moment I tried the Nike x Hyperice boots and vest while they were still in development more than a year ago, I knew they were going to change the game for athletes’ warm-up and recovery,” says James.

Stay tuned for launch

Athletes at the Summer Olympics in Paris will be using the new boots and vest. However, they won’t be available to the public just yet, as Nike and Hyperice are focusing on athlete feedback to perfect the products before taking them to market.

“This collaboration is the culmination of years of work between our two brands, to deliver innovative footwear and apparel for the athlete with the goal of enhancing their performance and recovery. And this is just the start,” says Anthony Katz, founder and president of Hyperice.