Modern Dose simplifies wellness with goal-oriented supplement powders

Its six science-backed formulas are designed to address specific health goals.

The Drop: Modern Dose has unveiled a line of six nutritional powders designed to simplify supplement routines and address prevalent wellness concerns in a targeted manner.

The Details: Goal-oriented supplements

Modern Dose’s approach to wellness centers on three core pillars: physical, cognitive, and emotional health. Its product line features six precisely formulated blends, each addressing a unique health goal:

  • Essential Health: designed to fill essential nutrient gaps, support overall health, and boost immunity.
  • Biotic Blend: Biotic Blend supports overall gut health through a comprehensive mix of prebiotic fibers, probiotics, and postbiotics.
  • Cognition Boost: Cognition Boost is formulated to provide all-natural brain-boosting benefits without caffeine jitters.
  • Joint Support: Joint Support combines protein and botanicals to address inflammation, promote cartilage health, and enhance joint health, function, and mobility.
  • Stress & Mood Balance: Stress & Mood Balance is designed to help manage cortisol levels, alleviate occasional anxiety symptoms, reduce emotional fatigue, and enhance mood.
  • Sleep Aid: Sleep Aid addresses occasional sleep trouble and combats jetlag with a balanced, groggy-free blend.
Modern Dose launch

Modern Dose’s six goal-oriented nutritional powders.

Simplicity meets science

Modern Dose’s one-formula-per-goal strategy aims to streamline decision-making for consumers overwhelmed by supplement choices. Each product is meticulously crafted to address a specific health concern, encouraging consistent usage for optimal results.

“We believe that achieving optimal health should be approachable and uncomplicated,” says Catherine Zhu, Founder of Modern Dose. “Modern Dose is committed to delivering targeted wellness solutions that are easy to understand, easy to use, and above all, effective.”

Modern Dose emphasizes clean, scientifically-supported ingredients that are sugar-free and third-party tested. The powders come in convenient stick packs, designed to integrate seamlessly into busy lifestyles and transform supplements into an easy-to-consume beverage.

Where to buy

Modern Dose’s science-backed drink mixes are available now at

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