Behind the Brand: The foam roller water bottle athletes and A-listers can’t get enough of

MOBOT founder Lani Cooper shares the story behind how the brand was founded.

MOBOT was designed to help people integrate foam rolling into their daily wellness routines effortlessly, enhancing flexibility, easing muscle tension, and preventing injuries—all while ensuring they stay hydrated.

The brand’s founder, LA-based, Australian entrepreneur Lani Cooper, has had a multifaceted career that includes time as a mining surveyor and flight attendant, as well as more than two decades in health and wellness as a fitness instructor, sports therapist, yoga teacher, and raw-vegan chef.

Since its launch, MOBOT has taken the wellness industry by storm and has become a staple accessory for a range of athletes and celebrities from pro surfer Kelly Slater and Olympian Usain Bolt to model Emily Ratajkowski and actress Kristen Bell.

We caught up with Lani to understand MOBOT’s roots and the mission driving the brand:

Lani Cooper, MOBOT founder

What is MOBOT?

Lani Cooper: MOBOT appears to be just a water bottle but it is more than that; it’s a holistic approach to wellness. By combining the benefits of a foam roller with a hydration vessel, I created a product that not only keeps you hydrated but also provides targeted therapy to enhance recovery and performance. The unique design of MOBOT allows users to incorporate foam rolling into their daily routines, promoting flexibility, reducing muscle tension, and preventing injuries.

By combining the benefits of a foam roller with a hydration vessel, I created a product that not only keeps you hydrated but also provides targeted therapy to enhance recovery and performance.
Lani Cooper

What sets MOBOT apart is its commitment to sustainability. MOBOT is made from 100% recycled stainless steel, non-toxic high-density EVA foam, FDA approved, and BPA free and comes with stainless steel straws. It’s a product that aligns with the values of the modern consumer who seeks not only functional and effective solutions but also sustainable and socially responsible choices.

Mobot Bottle

MOBOT is BPA free and comes with stainless steel straws

Where did the idea for MOBOT come from?

LC: The idea for MOBOT sprang from my experience and passion for both personal well-being, and the health of our planet. Recognizing the importance of staying hydrated and maintaining an active lifestyle, MOBOT emerged as a way to provide a multifunctional, fashionable, sustainable solution for individuals who prioritize both their fitness journey and environmental responsibility.

Hydration, breathwork, and (self) massage / muscle care are necessary for recovery. At the time when I came up with it, I noticed my athletes and clients struggled to make it a daily habit, mostly due to the lack of great on-the-go options. I love design, innovation, sustainability, healing and building community so creating MOBOT, a unique, patented and versatile tool, infused everything I love.

MOBOT Bottle

MOBOT integrates targeted therapy and hydration for busy individuals on the go.

What’s the mission of the brand?

LC: The mission of MOBOT is our commitment to personal well-being and environmental stewardship. MOBOT invites individuals – whether eco conscious, fitness enthusiasts or new to self care- to join the movement towards a healthier and more sustainable future.

What’s been your proudest moment since starting MOBOT?

LC: One of my most important accomplishments in business is staying true to my vision for helping people heal and delivering sustainable products, even when adversity struck.

Personally, building a dream team of people and a positive culture and community is by far my proudest achievement, truly rewarding!

Mobot Water Bottle
Big Bertha
The 40 oz Big Bertha MOBOT is perfect for everyday use and high-performance activity.