Just Dropped: New products for hot sleepers, soda lovers, immersive bike workouts, and more

A roundup of all the latest product launches, new collections, and drops from the health and wellness space.

Just Dropped is a series featuring the latest product launches and drops in the health and wellness space. 

Featured today:

All-day stress release from Ritual

Supplement brand Ritual made a name for itself with the Essential for Women multivitamin. Today, it offers solutions for men, women, and teens for many aspects of health like gut health, sleep support, muscle recovery, and more.

Its just-launched Stress Relief capsule incorporates ashwagandha, L-theanine, and saffron to offer calmness, boost mood, and empower relaxation. The subscription is available for $54 per month, with a 20%-off welcome discount.

Ritual Stress Relief
Stress Relief
Designed to support the body’s natural cortisol response, with an instant and extended release formulation for all day support.

Eight Sleep introduces Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra

Eight Sleep has launched the Pod 4, which has two times more cooling power than the previous Pod generation — plus it’s 40% quieter.

The Pod’s biometric tracking technology has also gotten a boost thanks to a new proprietary algorithm that automatically detects snoring for up to two individuals in the same bed, without needing any wearables. This is in addition to the Pod’s existing biometric tracking capabilities including heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate, and sleep stages.

Eight Sleep
Pod 4
Having undergone a complete redesign, Pod 4 is 40% quieter than previous generations.

LMNT launches Sparkling Electrolyte Water

Electrolyte-mix brand LMNT just introduced a line of ready-to-drink cans available in Black Cherry Lime, Grapefruit Salt, Citrus Salt, and Watermelon Salt. Each can contains 1,000mg of sodium, 200g of potassium, and 60mg of magnesium.

LMNT Sparkling
LMNT's electrolyte formulations, now in sparking water.

Immersive bike workouts from Saga

Saga HoloBike

Holographic fitness startup Saga started its crowdfunding campaign for the HoloBike this week. It’s intended to offer the most authentic riding experience without the use of VR headsets or goggles.

Founded in 2020 by Samuel Matson, a former Google VR researcher, Saga has been developing the HoloBike for more than three years. It’s now accepting pre-orders on Kickstarter and expecting to deliver bikes in Winter 2024/25.

Centr’s new workout plan

Fitness app Centr, founded by actor Chris Hemsworth, launched a new 14-week, home or gym-based program called Power Shred, which is designed to help you increase muscle gain and lose fat, in a healthy, sustainable way.

The plan includes a mix of lifting, dedicated cardio days, functional movement to maintain mobility, plus HIIT/HIRT finisher rounds to elevate. Its self-guided workouts also enable you to train at the level that’s the best fit for your current fitness with Beginners workouts that clock in at under 40 minutes, 45 minutes for Intermediate and 60 minutes for Advanced.

Oshun’s electrolyte concentrate hits the US

The newly launched electrolyte concentrate from Oshun is now available in the US. Oshun delivers the benefits of 70 trace minerals and four essential electrolytes, without fillers, sweeteners, or anything artificial.

harvested through solar evaporation of the mineral-rich water of the Great Salt Lake of Utah.

Drink Oshun
Electrolyte concentrate that supercharges your water, cordial or even tea into a hydration drink at the squeeze of a pump.

Farm-to-can soda from Devil’s Foot Beverage

If you have a sweet tooth but want something a little better for you, Devil’s Foot Beverage just launched its line of farm-to-can sodas. Each is made using real organic fruit from farmers in North and South Carolina. Then they add filtered water and just a touch of organic cane sugar and South Carolina honey for a subtle sweetness. Each can has between 9–18g of sugar depending on the flavor.

Devil's Foot Beverage Soda
Devil's Foot Beverage
Farm-To-Can Craft Soda
Sodas made with organic roots and fruits.