How James McMillian fuels optimal performance and recovery

Tone House's Director of Innovation shares his go-to health and wellness products.

James McMillian

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James McMillian is the Director of Innovation at Tone House, an athletic-based strength and conditioning studio in New York City.

With a lifelong passion for fitness shaped by football, wrestling, track, and rugby during his school and college years, James turned his athletic prowess into a career dedicated to aiding others in their pursuit to reach their optimal level of fitness. His belief is that that training should be an experience and never a task.

James’ health and fitness focuses

A rigorous workout regime is only part of the equation for James — recovery is equally vital. “Recovery is non-negotiable at this point in my fitness journey. By dedicating time and effort to recovery methods, I equip myself to attack my training at a high intensity, pushing my limits and striving for progress consistently,” he says.

By dedicating time and effort to recovery methods, I equip myself to attack my training at a high intensity, pushing my limits and striving for progress consistently.
James McMillian

Hydration also plays a key role in his fitness philosophy: “My focus on staying hydrated is crucial to my overall health and performance. By consistently prioritizing hydration, I ensure that I can tackle my training with energy and endurance,” James adds.

Here’s James to share his Health Stack:

My favorite recovery tool: Hyperice X Knee

“I can say goodbye to achy knees after a tough workout. The Hyperice knee sleeve is like a gentle hug for your knees, soothing them and speeding up recovery time so I can get back to doing what I love without any pain holding me back.”

Hyperice X Knee
Hyperice X Knee
Contrast therapy treatment for your knees on demand.

How I stay hydrated: Hydro Gallon + Barcode

Hydro Gallon: A well designed 1 Gallon Water Bottle Jug. I have an easier chance of meeting my hydration goals effortlessly with this trusty jug. It’s like having my own personal hydration coach reminding me to sip throughout the day and keep my energy levels up so I can tackle anything that comes my way.”

Hydro Gallon
Hydro Gallon 1
Made of BPA-free plastic or insulated stainless steel.

Barcode: “I love that I can quench my thirst and recharge my body with Barcode’s hydrating drink. It’s truly a burst of refreshment that replenishes your electrolytes and gives you the vitality I always  need to power through workouts or busy days with ease.”

Variety Pack
An all-natural sports performance and wellness beverage.

How I fuel: Mademeals and Spoonful

Mademeals: “To not have to think about what I am going to eat is so stress free. With Mademeals, it’s like having your own personal chef who delivers nutritious and delicious meals right to my doorstep, saving me time and ensuring I always have a satisfying healthy meal ready.”

Meal Packs and Plans
Locally sourced and organic meals delivered to your door in NYC/NJ.

Spoonful: “On-the-go breakfast with protein. I have busy mornings and they are no match for Spoonful’s on-the-go breakfast! It’s like having a nutritious mother in a cup that fuels you with protein and keeps you going strong until your next meal, making rushed mornings a thing of the past for me.”

Overnight Oats
Ideal as a post workout snack or a filling on-the-go option.

My go-to supplement brand: Thorne

“Think of these vitamins as your daily dose of goodness in a bottle. They’re a health boost that supports my immune system, fills in any nutrient gaps with my busy schedule, and keeps me feeling my best, inside and out.”

Four well-researched immune-supporting botanicals.

My favorite product for under $50: TRX Strength Bands

“Bands are my secret weapon for adding some spice to my workouts and a great addition to my recovery. They’re like my portable gym, allowing me to squeeze in a quick sweat session wherever I’m at.”

TRX Strength Bands
Strength Bands
Full-length bands for full-body training on the go.