How to start running with Kayla Jeter

A running coach’s guide to getting going.

The benefits of running go way beyond cardio health. A new study of nearly 3,000 people found that two weekly 30-minute runs can significantly improve mental well-being too.

The upside is clear, but starting and sticking with a running routine can be challenging.

How to start

To jump-start your journey, Kayla Jeter, a certified running and strength coach and ultramarathoner, offers these tips:

  • Know your baseline: Recognize your current fitness level and be kind to yourself
  • Set clear goals: Decide if you’re running to compete, chase a personal record, or just for fun, then choose realistic goals
  • Manage intensity and volume: Start slow and gradually increase your speed and mileage
Kayla Jeter

Kayla Jeter is a certified running and strength coach and ultramarathoner.

Time on your feet: Out of the gate, focus on overall time rather than distance. Keep the pace conversational, starting with 10-30 minutes and increasing by 5-10 minutes weekly.

To Level Up: Jeter suggests this 45-minute workout: 30 minutes at a conversational pace, followed by 8 x 30-second strides (short bursts of faster running) with 1-minute easy jog recoveries.

More than just hitting the pavement. Mobility and strength training are crucial for preventing injuries and improving speed, efficiency, and endurance. Jeter recommends the 1×20 Method — a training protocol designed by Dr. Michael Yessis focused on performing 20 reps of various exercises at moderate intensity.

Establish a Recovery Routine: “Recover harder than you train” is Jeter’s mantra. Stretching pre- and post-run is essential. For advanced recovery, she uses Hyperice’s Normatec 3s.

The bottom line

Embrace running for physical and mental health. There’s a lot to be gained from putting one foot in front of the other.