Don’t underestimate the power of a daily walk

Getting your steps in has major beneifts.

Every step counts. Walking more delivers major health benefits — and you don’t need to hit 10K steps to reap the rewards.

Wearable data from over 6K participants revealed significant links between daily step counts and lowered disease risk. Individuals exceeding 8,200 steps per day were less likely to be obese, experience sleep apnea, or suffer from major depressive disorder.

But 8,200 isn’t the “magic” number:

  • Start small, win big: Just over 2,300 steps a day can start to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Double down: Hitting at least 4,000 steps daily reduces the risk of dying from any cause
  • Mental uplift: 75 minutes of brisk walking weekly — just half the recommended physical activity level — cuts depression risks by 18% compared to the inactive

Moving more doesn’t have to be complex

  • Hit refresh — Ditch desk-bound Zoom calls in favor of more movement — it boosts creativity
  • Up your speed — Higher step intensity (faster paces) is associated with greater reductions in risk across all health outcomes
  • Add weight — Generally, rucking burns 2x to 3x more calories than walking
  • Chill out — Had a long day? Take a 10 minute brisk walk to boost your mood
  • Stretch your legs — Break up long periods of sitting with 5 minutes of walking, it can significantly lower blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Take the stairs — Lift or stairs? Choosing the stairs will help your heart

The bottom line: There’s no strict target. Whether it’s a quick stroll around the block or a vigorous trek through your local park, every step counts.