Bandit launches The Program: A free AI-powered marathon training app

It offers personalized 16-week training plans with expert guidance.

The Drop: Bandit has released The Program, a free iOS app offering a comprehensive, AI-assisted marathon training experience.

The Details: Your all-in-one marathon companion

Bandit's The Program training app.

Bandit’s The Program training app.

Here’s what you can expect from The Program:

  • Training plans: 16-week goal-based interactive training plans, customizable for any marathon and every runner
  • AI Assistant Coach: Get instant answers to your training questions
  • Expert guidance: Receive weekly advice from professionals in running, strength, nutrition, sports psychology, and recovery
  • Personalized pace charts: Tailored for easy, goal, half-marathon, tempo, and interval paces
  • Exclusive discounts: Save on products from ASICS, Hyperice, The Feed, Cadence, and Bandit

How it works

The Program generates a personalized 16-week training plan based on your selected race, goal finish time, and preferred weekly mileage (or the amount of time you have available to train each week). The interactive format allows for easy adjustments and real-time support throughout your training journey.

The Program App

The Program creates personalized 16-week training plans for runners.

Where to get it

The Program is available now as a free download on the iOS App Store.