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How Annie Thorisdottir fuels her workouts and recovery

CrossFIt Games champion and mother of two, Annie Thorisdottir, takes us through her supplement and recovery stack.

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Annie Thorisdottir is a trailblazer in the world of CrossFit. She’s a two-time CrossFIt Games champion, and a 10-time veteran of the Games who’s never finished below the top 13. She also owns CrossFit Reykjavik in Iceland.

Annie Thorisdottir

Annie Thorisdottir at the CrossFit Games (credit: Momentous)

As well as being a dedicated athlete, Annie is a supermom to two girls — a four-year old, and a newborn, she and long-time partner Frederik Aegidius, welcomed into the world in May, 2024. Dedicated to maintaining her health and mental well-being during her pregnancies, Annie advocates for staying active responsibly. “Training during pregnancy should focus on staying healthy and sane. It’s not the time to boost your fitness or strength,” she advises.

We recently caught up with Annie to learn more about her go-to health and wellness products. Here’s Annie to share her Health Stack:

My Supplement Stack: Momentous Protein Powder, Creatine, Fish Oil, and AG1

“Sometimes it’s hard to get enough protein so high-quality whey protein is a staple, especially around training. Momentous Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate Powder provides the perfect supplement to help get enough.”

Momentous Protein
Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate Powder
Sourced from European dairy farmers held to the most rigorous agriculture standards, Momentous whey protein isolate comes from grass-fed dairy cows.

“Another everyday staple is 5g of Momentous Creatine mixed with Athletic Greens to make sure that I get all my micronutrients as we don’t get as many different types of vegetables here in Iceland as you do in many other places. [I also] make sure to get my daily dose of fish oil — Momentous Omega-3 — for my brain health.”

Momentous Creatine
Momentous uses creatine monohydrate, the gold standard in creatine supplementation.

How I recover: Hyperice Hypervolt and Massage Scraper

“As an athlete, I have always made it a priority to do a lot of self-treatments to make sure my body could perform. During pregnancy that went from performance [in the gym] to just feeling well, doing things around the house, and things that made me happy such as playing with my baby girl. I would use the Hypervolt almost every day to loosen up my back.”

“Very seldomly days go by without me grabbing onto a scraping tool to loosen up hips, shoulders, and feet.”

Hypervolt 2
Hypervolt 2
The Hypervolt 2 has three speeds of powerful percussion to help you get back to doing what you do, even better.