Introducing the Zwift Ride: A fresh take on indoor cycling

The first smart bike from Zwift.

The Drop: Zwift, the global online fitness platform, has launched Zwift Ride, a complete indoor cycling setup designed to make Zwifting more convenient and accessible than ever before.

The Details: An all-new indoor bike

Zwift Ride Indoor Bike

The Zwift Ride is an always-ready indoor bike setup.

The Zwift Ride is an always-ready indoor bike setup that offers riders a fully immersive experience, feeling every bump and dip of Zwift’s virtual terrain with lifelike realism.

“Zwift Ride brings all the advantages of a smart bike at an incredibly affordable price,” says Eric Min, Zwift CEO and co-founder. “It’s clean, quiet, simple to set up and adjust, and can be shared with any member of the household. It looks great in any home and I’ve been riding mine for months—I can’t wait for others to experience it too!”

Key Features

The Zwift Ride setup is designed for simplicity and ease of use. The included Frame Key is the only tool needed to assemble and adjust the bike, making it perfect for multiple users. Adjustments for saddle height, bar height, and reach are easily made, accommodating riders from 5ft (152cm) to 6ft 6 inches (198 cm).

Zwift Ride Controls

Dual control pads give you full control of the Zwift Ride from your handlebars.

Integrated handlebars with dual control pads allow riders to navigate menus, give RideOns, and deploy PowerUps with ease. Silent virtual shifting provides smooth transitions between gears, and users can choose between Shimano, SRAM, or sequential shifting styles.

Zwift Ride Bike

The front tray offers storage for essentials like food, towels, and phones.

Zwift Ride includes two easy-to-access bottle cages and a front tray for essentials like food, towels, and phones. The tray features a non-slip rubber cover that is removable for easy cleaning. An optional tablet holder, priced at $49.99, securely holds tablets and integrates seamlessly with the bike tray.

Where to Buy

Zwift Ride is available now in the US, UK, EU, Canada, and Australia for $1,299. You can purchase it directly through Zwift’s website or at select retailers.

Zwift Ride
An all-in-one indoor cycling setup that makes fitness seriously fun.