Vivobarefoot has released its most flexible footwear to date

The Motus Flex is designed to enhance natural movement.

The Drop: Vivobarefoot has launched its flexible barefoot footwear yet — the Motus Flex.

The Details: A minimal shoe designed for natural movement

Vivobarefoot Motus Flex

The Motus Flex has been designed with minimal structure.

The Motus Flex has been designed with minimal structure to help enhance your natural movement, allowing your feet to function with minimal interference.

What’s new? The Motus Flex introduces Vivobarefoot’s most flexible outsole yet. With a lightweight design of just 280g and a super-flexible sole, the Motus Flex is primed for agility and fluidity through dynamic movements.

Key features:

  • One-piece knitted sock upper: Provides a seamless, comfortable fit
  • Thin, decoupled sole: Enhances sensory feedback and natural movement
  • Super flexible outsole: Mimics natural foot movement for optimal function

Whether you’re hitting high-impact workouts, heading to a Pilates or yoga class, or simply enjoying a stroll through the city, the Motus Flex is designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine.

Vivobarefoot Motus Flex

It’s designed to allow your feet to function with minimal interference.

The science: A 2021 study on the impact of minimal footwear found that wearing VIVOBAREFOOT shoes for six months increased foot strength by an average of 57.4%, even during non-intensive daily activities.

What they say: Asher Clark, Vivobarefoot’s chief design officer and co-founder, says, “The Motus Flex is optimized for freedom and flexibility, mimicking how your feet move to provide minimal interference. It allows you to feel the sensation of every movement, offering the purest connection to your environment.”

Where to buy

The Motus Flex is available on Vivobarefoot’s website for $190. With each purchase, you’ll also gain access to movement and biomechanics courses via Vivobarefoot’s online health platform, VivoHealth.

Motus Flex
The first ever zero-drop barefoot strength-training footwear.