From dance to detox: Sara Cullen’s favorite health and wellness products

GEM founder and CEO Sara Cullen shares her current Health Stack

Welcome to Health Stack, a series where founders, operators and experts share their favorite health and wellness products, gear, apps, and routines…

Sara Cullen is founder and CEO of nutrition brand GEM.

As a busy entrepreneur and soon-to-be mom, Sara prioritizes simplicity in her health and wellness routine. Whether it’s leisurely strolls on the beach or in the forest, staying hydrated with lemon-infused water, cherishing moments with loved ones, or ensuring a good night’s sleep, Sara thrives on uncomplicated practices.

Sarah Cullen

Sara Cullen is founder and CEO of GEM.

Here’s Sara to share her current Health Stack:

How I get moving

“I’ve done The Class by Taryn Toomey religiously since the pandemic — and I still do it even pregnant. It’s a mix of dance and cardio, my cathartic release”

How I manage life as an entrepreneur

Dashi is my go to when I’m lazy and can’t figure out what to make for dinner. Throw a few tea bags of Dashi into boiling water, toss in whatever veggies you can find in your fridge and noodle of choice (soba or udon), some seaweed, and voila you have yourself a glorious warm cozy soup in less than 10 minutes. It’s so good and easy!”

Dashi is soup stock in a convenient pouch, made from a blend of traditional Japanese seasoning and carefully selected ingredients.

“I talk a lot at work — especially when I’m fundraising — and Beekeeper’s Natural Propolis Throat Spray has saved me for years from a dry throat and a raspy voice. Also an incredible immune booster!”

Beekeepers Natural Propolis throat spray
Beekeeper’s Natural
Propolis Throat Spray
Propolis Throat Spray contains antioxidants and other immune-boosting compounds with every spray.

My coffee and cooking oil substitutes

“Since getting pregnant, I have developed an aversion to coffee (sad!) and can only drink tea. I found these Cap Beauty Matcha Sticks are exquisitely sourced and easy on the go. Also on rotation is Woon Uji Genmaicha Tea and Sana Buckwheat Tea — must tries!”

Matcha Sticks
Cap Beauty
The Matcha Stick Box
Sourced from the Shizuoka region of Japan, this matcha is bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and life force minerals.

“I recently purchased the much talked about Algae Cooking Club Oil and I am so excited to be a part of the club!”

Algae Cooking Club
Algae Cooking Club
Algae Cooking Oil
Light, yet slightly buttery cooking oil made from algae.

How I detox

“I’m constantly trying to find ways to heavy metal detox, a boost of chlorella in my morning smoothie is one way. I love to try a lot of different brands, and I’m still experimenting so not sure I have found my absolute love yet. At the moment I’m trying Sun Chlorella powder packs.

Sun Chlorella Powder Packs
Sun Chlorella
Powder Packs
Its fine consistency makes Sun Chlorella Powder easy to incorporate into any drink, meal, or recipe.

Sara’s current focuses

Currently, Sara’s is even more obsessed than ever on what she’s feeding her body. “I’m pregnant, and in critical stages of building my baby’s microbiome,” she explains. “Specifically, I’m focused on integrating a lot of probiotic-dense food, fermented goodness like kimchi, and full fat yogurts.”

Trying to reduce stress is also important to Sara so she’s incorporating a lot of wind down routines like long baths, essential oils, and “whenever I can squeeze it in,” evening acupuncture. “I’m also experimenting with trying to not eat past 6pm for better sleep with the exception of GEM Sleep Bite around 8pm (my evening treat),” she adds.