On launches the Cyclon Cloudrise running shoe through its circularity program

It's 95% recyclable.

The Drop: On has released the Cloudrise as a part of its Cyclon™ circularity program.

The Details: An everyday runner that’s made to be recycled

The Cloudrise is a completely new running shoe from On. It’s partially made from castor beans and is 95% recyclable. It follows on from On’s release of the Cloudneo in 2022, but offers a wider base and more inclusive platform designed to suit every type of runner.

On's Cloudrise

The Cloudrise is the latest release from On’s Cyclon™ circularity program.

Run. Recycle. Repeat. The Cloudrise is only available via subscription ($29.99/month) to On’s Cyclon™ circularity program. When you join the program, you can order products, then send them back to be recycled when you’ve worn them out.

The Cyclon™ program currently includes four products: the Cloudneo, the Cyclon-T, the Cloudeasy Cyclon, and the Cloudrise Cyclon.

Where to buy

The Cloudrise is available via On’s website as part of its Cyclon™ program.

An everyday runner that's designed to be recycled.