Better together: The power of group workouts

The benefits of working out with friends

Have you ever noticed how a spin class boosts your mood? This week, we explore why, as we uncover the benefits of group workouts and social interactions.

Social workouts boost well-being.

Topline: Group exercise delivers more benefits than solo workouts. A recent study found:

  • Identifying with a fitness club is associated with improved overall health
  • Frequent participation enhances well-being by strengthening social bonds

Beyond attendance. Individuals who feel part of the group enjoy sessions more than isolated participants.

Group workout

Studies have found that group exercise delivers more benefits than solo workouts.

The perks

Further research shows that group exercise produces a higher quality of life, both emotionally and physically:

Everyday connection. Outside the gym, micro-interactions can significantly impact your well-being. Simple gestures — such as smiling, making eye contact, and having a short conversation — can make you happier.

The bottom line

All physical activity counts, but breaking a sweat with others offers benefits beyond the workout. So, join a class or run group to flex your social muscles — and build a healthier, happier life.