Jonathan Levitt

Runner, cyclist and podcast host from Boston, MA now living in Boulder, CO.
Jonathan Levitt


Originally from Boston and now living in Boulder, Jonathan Levitt has a decade in sales, marketing, and podcasting. At InsideTracker, he’s passionate about shaping personalized wellness through data-driven guidance and helping to uncover new markets for the company.

Hosting ‘For The Long Run‘ fuels his mission to explore how high performing athletes and entrepreneurs are able to be successful, year after year. The podcast journey has been a wonderful surprise, interviewing 300+ elite athletes and industry professionals, including several others on the board! On For The Long Run, Jonathan delves into success, mindset, and motivation, reaching 1.5 million downloads since the beginning.

Jonathan enjoys running roads and trails, cycling, nordic skiing, and many of the other activities Colorado makes it so easy to love.