14 Wellness brands to watch in 2024

Fitness and wellness brands to keep your eye on this year.

Each new year brings with it a wealth of new brands and unprecedented innovation in the wellness space. However, it can take a lot of work to sift through the sizable amount of PR claims and buzzy marketing words as a consumer. If you’re looking for the fitness and wellness brands to keep your eye on this year, we’ve got the list.

1. Plunge


Although the practice has been around for thousands of years, cold plunging is having its moment in the current fitness, wellness, and biohacking landscape. And the aptly named wellness brand Plunge is offering some of the sleekest at-home cold plunge tubs on the market. The brand makes spa-quality cold plunges (and saunas) featuring excellent, quiet temperature control.

For those ready to take the plunge (literally), Plunge’s three cold plunge tubs run from $4,990 to $8,990, which is undeniably not cheap. However, Plunge’s tech-forward, indoor-friendly designs are a worthy investment, if you want to make cold plunging part of your health routine long-term.

Learn more and shop now at plunge.com.

2. Elo

Elo Smart Protein

In a world where everything seems to be personalized, it can still be difficult to cater to your specific nutrition needs. That’s where Elo comes in. The wellness brand’s seven-layer “smart gummies” target your wellness goals and needs in one easy-to-chew package.

If it feels like you’re consuming a medicine cabinet full of vitamins each day, Elo’s sugar-free gummies can help you simplify your supplement routine in a colorful and delicious way.

Watch: Learn more about Elo from its founder Ari Tulla below:

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Learn more and shop here at elo.health.

3. Gainful

Gainful is a personalized health and wellness brand, offering protein powder, pre-workout, collagen, and more. Founded by Eric Ji Sun Wu and Jahaan Ansari in 2017, the brand aims to make personalized nutrition more accessible to the public.

Gainful’s protein powder is made with seven ingredients or less depending on the formulations you opt for, and you can choose from four bases — including whey or plant-based — eight flavors, and three goals, including weight loss, gaining weight, and building muscle.

Watch: Gainful co-founder and CTO Jahaan Ansari shares the story behind the brand:

Learn more and shop here at gainful.com.

4. Preamble

In 2024, the debate between healthcare versus “sickcare” — treating sickness over maintaining health — is nothing new. However, the wellness brand Preamble takes preventative healthcare to a whole new level, prioritizing prevention and early treatment through personalized health plans and AI-driven data.

The brand has one clinic in Scottsdale that offers blood test panels, “InBody” scans, and blood pressure checks. These tests are meant to assess overall health, identify cancer risks, and more.

Learn more at preamble.co.

5. Whoop

Fitness trackers are nothing new, but Whoop’s inconspicuous wearables don’t just give you the numbers — they tell you what they mean too. Beyond counting steps, Whoop’s products analyze and contextualize sleep, stress, strain, recovery, and more.

Founded in 2012, the wellness company is also invested in (and worn by) NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The brand’s OpenAI-powered Whoop Coach can even answer questions about your metrics, suggest workouts, and more.

Learn more at whoop.com.

Whoop 4.0 Band
Whoop 4.0
WHOOP captures the biometric data shown to have the most meaningful impact on your health, giving you a comprehensive look at your body’s key performance data, and helps you understand what to do with it.

6. Remedy Place

Ice Baths at Remedy Place LA

You’ve heard of social clubs, and you’ve heard of wellness centers — but what about a social wellness club? Remedy Place claims to be the world’s first club of its kind, boasting various “remedies,” such as ice baths, infrared saunas, cryotherapy, acupuncture, vitamin drips, and more.

With clubs in West Hollywood and Flatiron, Remedy Place seeks to promote social self-care by not letting your social life fall by the wayside while you achieve your wellness goals. Think rows of ice plunge tubs in the backdrop of a swanky, exclusive social club.

Learn more at remedyplace.com.

7. Othership


Another take on a social club, Othership is a Toronto-based modern bathhouse featuring a sauna, cold plunge, and common space. The brand’s brick-and-mortar locations emphasize breathwork, but Othership also has a breathwork app if you’re not able to visit in person.

Promoting mindfulness and calm, Othership also serves as a wellness activity for those who are sober curious, boasting late-night social sessions.

Learn more at othership.us.

8. Wahoo

Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift

Wahoo is a workout equipment and gear brand, selling everything from sport watches to stationary bikes. Founded by Chip Hawkins in 2009, the Atlanta-based wellness company wants to simplify your workouts through unique design, often emulating the challenge of outdoor exercise inside.

For example, the soon-to-be-released Kickr Run is an innovative take on the traditional treadmill. The smart treadmill matches your speed instead of the other way around, allowing you to change pace and run hands-free as you would outside.

Learn more and shop at wahoofitness.com.

9. YayDay


Yay Day debuted its first product, a digestive daily supplement, in February 2024.

YayDay’s ingredients help to optimize the body’s process. Prebiotic fiber increases healthy gut microflora. 500 mg of digestive enzymes break down the fiber in the gut into smaller, more manageable pieces, so that fiber is more easily absorbed with less bloating. Magnesium glycinate plays a role in calmer moods and promotes sound sleep.

Learn more and shop at myyayday.com.

10. Zoe


In the world of wellness, food is a huge factor in your well-being. And Zoe is not talking about weight loss, but about how different foods affect different people. In fact, the brand promotes the idea that the only right way to eat is the way that’s right for you, essentially creating personalized food recommendations based on your individual biology.

Zoe uses an at-home test to score foods based on your blood sugar, gut health, and blood fat. From there, your Zoe membership helps you track and analyze your nutrition.

Learn more at zoe.com.

11. Heights

Heights Supplements

There are a lot of trendy supplement brands out there, but with Heights, you can be sure that your vitamins are backed by science. The brand sells just two simple pills, Vitals+ and Biotic+, developed by a team of scientists and dieticians as well as third-party tested.

Vitals+ contains 20 nutrients to support your body and mind, while Biotic+ bolsters your gut, immunity, and mental well-being. The brand’s formulations are vegan and filler-free high-quality ingredients with a focus on sustainability.

Learn more at yourheights.com.

12. Katalyst


Katalyst employs Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) in its signature Suit to make your workouts go further. If you’re not familiar, EMS uses electrical currents to contract muscles and, in the case of Katalyst, maximizing your workout without weights or other gear.

Katalyst’s Suit is designed to fit you like a glove and connects to the brand’s app for customizable settings and on-demand guided workouts. The futuristic tech is meant to help you recover faster and target slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers via low-impact, equipment-free exercise.

Learn more at katalyst.com.

13. Solidcore


In a landscape of ever-growing fitness studios, Solidcore is doing things just a little differently. Since the boutique fitness chain was founded in 2013 by Anne Mahlum, Solidcore’s trendy fitness studios have been popping up all over the country — now with locations in 25 states — offering a pilates-inspired workout with the brand’s own version of a reformer machine.

The high-intensity workouts target slow-twitch muscle fibers, like the fibers in your back muscles that help you maintain your posture. Solidcore’s practice focuses on leaning and toning through slow, low-impact movements that build strength and endurance.

Learn more at solidcore.co.

14. Kabata


It feels like everybody is talking about AI these days, but Kabata has utilized this new tech to innovate within the wellness space by developing the first AI-powered dumbbells. Much like a wearable fitness tracker, these dumbbells analyze your workouts, provide statistics, and recommend personalized exercises. The sleek, minimalist dumbbells are also adjustable, making them small-space friendly.

While the product has yet to officially launch — although it’s expected to by the end of this year — customers can join the waitlist for the next round of pre-orders to be the first to try the dumbbells of the future.

Learn more at kabata.com.