Rucking with Jason McCarthy

The benefits of adding weight to your walks.

Rucking is simple. “Put some weight on your back and go for a walk,” says Jason McCarthy, founder of GORUCK, makers of rucking gear.

Surging in popularity, #rucking has more than 15M views on TikTok, while Google searches for ‘rucking’ have more than doubled in the past five years.

Talking up the benefits, experts like McCarthy, Peter Attia, and Michael Easter are highlighting the perks:

How to get started

Because rucking involves simply adding weight to your walk, it’s approachable. McCarthy says you can bake it into your everyday life, throwing on a rucksack while walking the dog or pacing during a conference call.

If you don’t have rucking gear, you can start by putting a dumbbell, kettlebell, or even water bottles into a backpack. But, make sure the weight is secure and won’t shuffle around as you move.

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