Apothékary x Star Wars: Meet the limited-edition Wine Down Collector’s Box

A limited-edition version of Apothékary's bestseller.

The Drop: Disney and Apothékary have teamed up to celebrate the much-anticipated release of ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ on Disney+ on June 4th. Together, they’ve introduced the Wine Down™ Collector’s Box, a limited-edition sleep and stress support herbal tincture box.

The Details: A closer look at this limited release

Crafted for anyone looking to restore their inner peace, Wine Down™ is a wine-inspired alcohol alternative made with relaxation and tension-easing herbal ingredients. It’s perfect for those evenings when you want to relax with a good box set and disconnect from the stresses and strains of day-to-day life.

Disney Wine Down

The Wine Down™ Collector’s Box

The Collector’s Box isn’t just about what’s inside; its packaging features a matte black design with gold foil accents and a magnetic closure. It also includes artwork of a sunset that symbolizes how, in an age of lightness, darkness arises in the new Star Wars series.

The Limited-Edition Wine Down™ Collector’s Box includes:

  • 30ml monthly supply bottle of Wine Down™
  • Gold Daily Remedy Spoon™
  • Collector’s edition black keepsake box
  • Exclusive digital recipe booklet

Pre-order now

To coincide with the debut of ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’, the Wine Down™ Collector’s Box is available for a limited time and costs $45.

Wine Down
Wine Down™ Collector’s Box
A limited-edition sleep and stress support herbal tincture box.