Dr. Jonathan Leary

CEO and founder of Remedy Place, the world's first social wellness club.
Dr. Jonathan Leary


Dr. Jonathan Leary is the CEO and founder of Remedy Place, the world’s first social wellness club. He graduated at the top of his class with a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine that provided him with an extensive foundation in anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, clinical nutrition, and rehabilitation.

He has been working on Remedy Place since 2012. However, due to financial limitations, he didn’t open the first club until 2019. After completing his doctoral studies, he decided to open a sports medicine practice focused on a non-surgical, drug-free approach to surgery prevention and chronic pain rehabilitation. During this time, he not only maintained a 100% success rate in preventing surgeries for his patients, but he also conducted five extra years of clinical evidence and market research. This research enhanced his vision for Remedy Place, finding a “remedy” for everything he saw was lacking in the health and wellness industry. It boiled down to three things: regular self-care (prevention) to help people feel better, making self-care social by offering new, healthy ways to socialize, and creating intentional environments designed to heal, contrary to the typical designs of hospitals and clinics. Additionally, while building Remedy Place, he has consulted for major companies like Soho House & Kohler, engaged in speaking events worldwide, and served as an advisor for a couple of companies— all while newly getting into investing. At the end of the day, his goal is to help grow this industry and collaborate on exciting projects with incredible people, all in hopes of accomplishing Remedy Place’s mission: to make people feel better and use their platform to provide free education on self-care.

While working and building this for so long, he has always prided himself on leading by example and practicing what he preaches. He used to ask, “Is your doctor the healthiest person you know?” As time passed and demand and stress continued to grow — which he sees as positive — he learned that his health was not only vital for feeling and looking good but was also the foundation of success in every aspect of his life.