Andrew Lachlan

Focused on increasing the mental and physical well-being of humans through sauna, cold therapy, breath work, and meditation.
Andrew Lachlan Sauna House


Andrew Lachlan, a dark chocolate-loving, mountain bike-shredding, girl dad of two. As his two girls like to say … “you’re the boss at work; we’re the boss at home!”

Pre-family life, Andrew and his wife Katie traveled through the US and Europe, where they fell deeper in love with bathing culture with each bathhouse and hot spring they visited. Andrew had been using sauna and cold water therapy for some time on his recovery journey, but it was during this phase that the cultural and social significance of the practice really set in. After landing in Asheville, Andrew knew that his next venture had to bring a bathhouse experience to the local community.

Sauna House has two corporate locations expected to open in 2024, has sold 12 franchise territories, and has more than doubled its org chart in the last six months.

As Andrew writes, “Sauna House was designed with one word in mind … ’simple.’ “I wanted to create a place where I would personally want to hang out with friends and enjoy the Hot-Cold-Relax experience.” When Andrew’s not in the sauna or working on the business, he’s at home with his family mountain biking, or on those really long days, you’ll likely find him taking a nap in his car.